• Thumb-cappuccino


    Your milky, foamy coffee connection!

  • Thumb-croissant


    Flaky, tasty breakfast delights!

  • Thumb-hotdog


    America's grab-and-go favorites!

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    Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water

    Crisp, clean, pure taste you expect from Nestlé.

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    You don't have to go to Seattle for great coffee!

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    All the popular flavors you know and love! All 16oz fountain drinks $.57!!!

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    Sub BBQ Pork

    The tasty, tangy, take-with-you barbecue!

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    Italian Sub

    A lunch-bag sized version of the spicy favorite!

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    The ultimate quencher - and ours is the best!

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    A whirlwind of flavor all wrapped up to go!

Store Programs

Starfire's Rewards Program

The Starfire Rewards program is designed to be a fun and easy program that rewards our customers for shopping at our Starfire Stores.  Not only is it free to participate, but you get a free gift just for signing up. 

Here is how it works:  Simply buy gasoline or items in the stores and you can earn points.  After accumulating a certain amount of points, you start receiving cents off per gallon on gas.  You start at $.02 off per gallon and could reach $.10 off per gallon if you reach the highest level.  As the month goes on, your points accumulate and at the end of each month you earn a free reward.  It could be a cup of coffee up to a $20 gift card.

The program also has clubs.  The clubs are designed for certain items.  If you buy a designated number of those items, you will get a free product for your purchasing loyalty.  We are gradually adding more clubs to the program.

In a nutshell, we are giving back to you the customer for shopping at our stores.  We appreciate your business and want you to keep coming back.


Starfire's Fleet Card Program

The Starfire Fleet program is designed to make fuel purchasing easier for businesses with multi-vehicle fleets.   The main benefit is drivers can purchase fuel from any of our Starfire Stores and it can all be tracked by the same card.  If you have a business that has drivers in the same markets that we have stores, your fleet could purchase all their fuel from us.  You can track the purchases, miles per gallon, frequency of purchases all online.  This card makes fuel purchasing and tracking much easier for businesses in our markets.

Store Programs