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    Flaky, tasty breakfast delights!

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    America's grab-and-go favorites!

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    Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water

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    Sub BBQ Pork

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    Italian Sub

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Starfire Rewards

At Starfire, we're not just working to get you great food and fuel. We're also working hard to give you great value for your money. And while we keep our process competitive, we also offer several programs that help to stretch your dollars just a little bit further.

Starfire Clubs

Our Starfire Clubs are free to join and get you free stuff when you make a qualifying purchase:

Coffee Club
Buy six (6) 12 oz. coffees, get one (1) 12 oz. coffee free.

Starfire Sandwich Club
Buy six (6) Starfire sandwiches, get one Starfire sandwich (1) free.

Milk Club
Buy nine (9) gallons of milk, get one (1) free.

Club Rewards never expire and do not reset at the end of the month. Instead, they accumulate until the club reward is reached.
Starfire Rewards

Looking for a way to stretch your dollars and get rewards for buying the things that you come in for every day? Then Starfire Rewards is for you! As a Starfire Rewards member, you will earn:

  • 10 points per Gallon of Gas - just swipe your tag at the pump!
  •  20 points per $1 spent in the store - just swipe your tag at the register!
  • Get back up to 10 cents per gallon when you buy gas!
  • Use your tag to enter the Starfire Sweepstakes (1 tag per person)
  • Qualify to win random prizes whenever you use your tag!
  • Plus, watch for free and discounted items, and in-store bonus point items!

At the end of each month, your points determine your reward level, the points are reset, and you begin accumulating points again, while enjoying the rewards you earned the previous month. You will have 30 days to print out your savings coupons, and another 30 days after printing in which to use them. The coupons will expire if not printed in 30 days, or if not used within 30 days of being printed.

You can check your points any time at the in-store reward coupon printer* and at

The More Points, The Greater The Rewards!

Bronze Level: 500 - 1499 Points
2 cents per gallon back
Choose One:

  •   Free 2-liter bottle of pop
  •   Large Coffee of Cappuccino
  •   Free $.99 Size Conn Chips

Silver Level: 1500 - 2999 Points
4 cents per gallon back
Choose One:

  •   Free 12 pack pop
  •   1 gallon of milk
  •   Free 12 pack of Starfire Water

Gold Level: 3000 - 4999 Points
6 cents per gallon back
Choose One:

  •   Free case of 16oz. Starfire Water
  •   2 12-packs of pop
  •   $5.00 Gift Card

Platinum Level: 5000 - 6999 Points
8 cents per gallon back

  •   $10.00 Gift Card

Diamond Level: 7000+ Points
10 cents per gallon back

  •   $20.00 Gift Card

*Rewards coupons will only print once. You may redeem up to $5 in gas coupons at one time. For more information, see the Starfire Rewards Terms and Conditions page

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