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StarFire History

The Hartley Company and Starfire


In approximately 1870, W.H. Hartley established the W.H. Hartley and Sons hardware store in Quaker City, Ohio to handle the area's roofing requirements. By the turn of the century their services for heating and roofing had spread, resulting in Milton Hartley opening a storefront at 620 Wheeling Ave. in Cambridge.

Assisted by his young son, Milton added a one hundred gallon tank to the business. The fledgling filling station bought gasoline for 11 cents a gallon and sold it for 12, delivering it to customers in 5-gallon cans.

By 1912, the Hartleys built their first actual gasoline station at the corner of 12th St. and Wheeling Ave. in Cambridge. It was the first service station located between Washington, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. Keeping up with the nation's growing demand for fuel, W.H. Hartley incorporated as a jobber for the Shell Oil Company in 1925, starting with 10 stations and rapidly becoming the largest jobbership in Ohio.

The Hartley Company prospered for another two decades, until something new came along in the 1960's: the interstate highway system. The company purchased property along the proposed interstate highways that passed by Cambridge, and Hartley Shell stations soon appeared at the new interchanges, fueling further growth for the company.

This growth slowed in the 1970's, as more changes were in the air. Large independent stations with convenience stores began to make inroads into the fuel business. This is when the Starfire name was born. The creation of Starfire spun Hartley fuel into a privately branded business that met the competition head on and sold millions of gallons of fuel annually.

Another century turned. Soon it was the 2000's, which brought more change. A fifth generation of Hartleys took over the leadership of the company, taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase three dozen stores that the BP Corporation had for sale. This changed Starfire's direction as BP became their lead brand.

By now The Hartley Company was one of the largest roofing, heating and air conditioning businesses in southeastern Ohio in addition to operating over 100 stores. But Starfire was struggling against large retailers like Wal-Mart, Kroger's and K-Mart. While working to develop a new marketing image that concentrated on increasing the sales groceries, Starfire began to sell off their unprofitable stores and streamline the business.

Presently The Hartley Company and Starfire are looking forward to a bright future of bringing you quality food and fuel, and the challenge of adapting to the changes that each passing year brings.

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