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Fleet Card

Starfire FleetThe Starfire Fleet Card Program puts you, the manager, in control!

Give your drivers a fueling card that lets them purchase at any local Starfire location.

Convenient acceptance

  • Accepted at all Starfire locations, regardless of brand

Customized card management

  • Set spending and usage limits for each card, by day, week or cycle
  • Purchases may be restricted during off hours
  • Cards may be limited to“fuel purchases only” or“purchase at the pump only” to prevent convenience store purchases

Security and fraud controls

  • Set prompts to ask for driver number and the transaction will not be approved unless the correct number is entered
  • Only fleet managers can gain secure online access to driver account information
  • Lost or stolen cards or cards of ex-employees may be deactivated immediately via the online website

Complete online control

  • Access real-time account information through our easy-to-use website, 24/7
  • Control purchasing ability for each card, including the ability to shut cards off, request new cards, or change spending/transaction limits by card
  • Immediately monitor after-hours purchases, daily transactions and daily dollar amounts – you can set our system to flag data for all purchases made outside established limits
  • Variety of comprehensive reports available sorted by driver,
    vehicle, MPG readings or any of several other options.
    Available reports include:
    • Invoice Report
    • Cardholder Report
    • Vehicle Report
    • Merchant Location Activity Report
    • Exception Report
    • Miles per Gallon Report
    • Product Summary
    • And dozens more!

Simplified fees and billing

  • Receive invoices online free of charge (Paper statements available for a fee)

Starfire Fleet Card Rebates!

  • When your drivers purchase fuel at Starfire Fleet BP locations, you’ll earn as much as 4.5¢ per gallon on gasoline purchased and up to 2.5¢ per gallon on diesel purchases
  • Monthly gallons for gasoline and diesel are totaled separately and rebate is based on the chart shown

BP’s monthly rebates are on cents per gallon of fuel as follows:

gallons cents
500 - 1,999 1.5
2,000 - 3,999 2.0
4,000 - 4,999 2.5*
5,000 - 5,999 3.0
6,000 - 7,999 3.5
8,000 - 9,999 4.0
10,000 + 4.5

Starfire Fleet Card Example


Put the Starfire Fleet Card to work for your business today!

Call 1-573-221-0226 for more information or to request a meeting today!


Fuel card management.
Customized benefits.Customized controls.

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