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    Your milky, foamy coffee connection!

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    Flaky, tasty breakfast delights!

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    America's grab-and-go favorites!

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    Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water

    Crisp, clean, pure taste you expect from Nestlé.

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    All the popular flavors you know and love! All 16oz fountain drinks $.57!!!

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    Sub BBQ Pork

    The tasty, tangy, take-with-you barbecue!

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    Italian Sub

    A lunch-bag sized version of the spicy favorite!

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    The ultimate quencher - and ours is the best!

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    A whirlwind of flavor all wrapped up to go!

About Us

Mission Statement:

“To exceed the expectations of the customers and employees in service and integrity while maintaining a strong financial performance.”

The Hartley Company has been in business since the 1870’s.  We have been able to accomplish longevity by sticking to two core values.  We provide a high quality of service to our customers while offering them high quality products.  We have evolved, much as the industry has, in the last 140 years and continue to provide the service and products our customers desire.  We have been innovative and imaginative to be competitive in a very complex industry.

We have also been able to continue this journey through five generations by maintaining a high level of integrity.  We do what we say and say what we do.  We prefer to do business with a handshake.  If we tell you we are going to provide a service for you, then we will.  If we fail to come through with our guarantee, we will be sure to make it up to you.  We believe that honesty is the only way to work.  We have been able to build trust with our customers, vendors and employees by continuing to live our lives based on showing that integrity really does matter to The Hartley Company.

We feel that by living by these core values, the last piece of the puzzle will come naturally.  That is strong financial performance.  If we take care of the company through providing great service and displaying a high level of integrity to our customers, vendors and employees, the company will prosper and continue forever.